Perfect Match Introducing GROHE Ceramics


Finding a perfect match isn’t easy. That’s also true for the bathroom. Because our ceramics come with a selection of recommended combinations that fit our faucets, showers and sanitary systems they complement one other in both design and technology: the overwhelming variety of options are distilled into one simple choice. Save yourself the trial and error and make only one easy choice: for a perfect match.

Our aspiration is perfection in every detail - that's why we created perfect matches
With GROHE CERAMICS there is no need to rely on guesswork. Our dedicated design team looked at each individual product to determine which faucet and basin shapes look best together, guaranteeing you a seamless, complete design aesthetic. In addition, we physically tested our products against three criteria to make sure every suggested combination offers you a perfect match.

GROHE Collections

Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your taste, you’ll find the perfect combination of products within GROHE’s three new ceramic ranges. Each has its own distinctive qualities and they make creating a visually unified bathroom simple and fun.

Cube Ceramic

A clear style statement

Discover Cube Ceramic

Euro Ceramic

In tune with my lifestyle

Discover Euro Ceramic

Bau Ceramic

Versatility for a modern life

Discover Bau Ceramic