GROHE Sensia Arena Shower toilet complete system for concealed flushing cisterns, wall-hung

Product Number
alpine white

Product Description

Revolutionise personal cleaning with the GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet with sleek design and self-cleaning technology

Discover a whole new level of sophisticated personal care and cleaning with this innovative smart toilet that combines the functions of a toilet and a bidet. Stylish and technologically advanced, it has two separate self-cleaning spray heads with oscillating and massage spray options, which you can adjust for position, pressure and temperature, and a warm air dryer function. Visiting the toilet is a pleasure with features that include an automatic seat and lid opening and a powerful flush that cleans and covers the whole bowl. Designed to be 100% hygienic and easy to clean, the bidet toilet uses odour absorption to clean the air while advanced ceramic finishes – HyperClean and AquaCeramics – repel dirt, limescale, bacteria and 99.9% of germs. The sleek, wall-hung toilet design looks perfectly at home in contemporary bathrooms and its smooth lines leave dirt nowhere to hide. Use the control panel on the side of the seat, the remote control or a smartphone app to control and programme, and let the GROHE Sensia Arena revolutionise your daily bathroom routine!

  • GROHE Hygiene Clean: with antibacterial glazing HyperClean (SIAA Kokin Japanese standard compliant) and non-stick coating AquaCeramic
  • GROHE power flush: rimless wash down jet WC with GROHE Triple Vortex flushing technology
  • GROHE Skin Clean
  • 2 dedicated adjustable spray arms (1 for anal area, 1 for lady spray)
  • separate water way for lady spray
  • oscillating spray (automatic forward and reverse motion of the spray)
  • pulsating spray for massage
  • adjustable spray intensity
  • automatic pre- and post-rinsing of spray nozzle with fresh water
  • integrated instant heater provides unlimited warm water
  • adjustable temperature
  • Additional functions:
  • warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
  • odor extraction with filter
  • Duroplast WC seat and lid with automatic opening/close function
  • infra-red user detection
  • seat control panel operation
  • power switch
  • inside bowl night light
  • hidden water supply and power supply connections
  • remote control
  • smart phone app for iOS and Android
  • includes:
  • noise protection sheet, mounting bases and washers
  • manual remote controller with wall-mounted holder
  • active carbon filter for odour absorption
  • water supply connection set for concealed cistern
  • nozzle guard
  • cable with system plug on device
  • water pressure 0.05 - 1 MPa (0.5 - 10 bar)
  • nominal voltage 220-240 V AC
  • main frequency 50-60 Hz
  • type of protection IPX4
  • complies with EN 1717
  • CE approved

Technical Information

CAD Data

Spare Parts

Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
1 WC-ceramic 14937000
1.1 Fixing member rear 14969000
2 Anti-theft screw 14972000
3 E-bidet unit 14919000
3.1 Unit cover assembly 14975000
3.1.1 WC lid 14925SH0
3.1.2 WC seat 14924SH0
3.2 Base plate assembly 14973000
3.2.1 Spray 14929000
3.2.2 Spray 14928000
3.2.3 Filter 14927000
3.2.4 Air filter 14933000
3.2.5 Nozzle guard 14930000
4 Connection hose assembly 14974000
5 Hose clip 14971000
6 Splash protection 14936000
7 Remote control 14926000